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Welcome To my website. Here is a quick overview video of whats inside. Specializing in a remedial therapist, personal training and pain relief.  


Need Grips for Training

Have a look at the range of grip on in stock and take your training to next level. we have 6 different colours that will help increase strength by isolating the muscle that is being worked.

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Need more information on Massage

I specialize in Sports Massage/injures Remedial Massage in Mona Vale/Northern Beaches.

As I am a experienced remedial therapist & personal training, you will find my methods are different and effective. I use trigger point therapy, Deep tissue, Soft tissue release with a gentle flow in helping achieve results. I accept all health funds. 

Online /Face to Face Personal Training

Mona Vale Plus Fitness/Fitness first

Do you need a remedial therapist  or personal training ,Yes I can help you with weight loss but not everything is about losing weight. More importantly, For example, you might have a goal of wanting to surf better, play footy - Match fit for a particular position,  maybe you play  golf and and an injury is affecting your swing. Whatever it is Dynamic Lifestyle will use 20 years of experience in helping reach your goal. 

Free yourself of Chronic pain

Best massage in Mona Vale and Northern Beaches

If you have chronic pain and you have tried different methods to fix it  and nothing has worked then book in with Dynamic Lifestyle. The pain relief method I use is very different but effective because it gets into the specific areas that is needed as it revolves around the spine.  If you suffer nerve pain, stiffness within the back, shoulders, neck, bad posture, find hard to reach up or twist, looking over your blind spot then this pain relief may be the answer you have been searching for.  !st session is 45 min, then any session after that is 30min. Depending on the nature of  the injury, Yes I am a remedial therapist and use personal training but in order to help become free of pain, I must use structure balancing or soft tissue release. Dynamic lifestyle accepts all health funds.

Best boot camp fitness class in Mona Vale


Need a new start to summer to bring your booty back this summer? 

Petrina Leigh Fitness  & https://monavalepersonaltrainer.com.au

8 week summer HIIT Boot Camp!!!

Change your life and mindset and sign up today.

Sessions have stated but its never to late to join at Mona Vale Kitchener.

Professionally designed circuit sessions targeting budget-friendly workouts that anybody can follow.

plus fitness members $15. new members $20.

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