Intermittent Fasting/ how to lose weight fast made easy.

Short explanation of what Intermittent Fasting is about from me . 

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 Intermittent Fasting  - There is so much misunderstanding and BS out their fasting, people have no idea on how to start , finish, what to eat or not eat.  Let me clear with statement - I  Intermittent Fast for health reasons to increase my knowledge of glutathione and to help people gain back their health. The added bonus is you get to lose fat and build muscle at the same time and yes I still train 5 days a week. 

I am here to Support you through your journey of  Intermittent Fasting .  I am not a Dr - so everything will need to be assessed by your Dr permission. I am here to support you with your eating window and with your pacific exercise that will help you with fat loss.  See, just doing cardio on treadmill or going for a run won't cut it as we want to keep the muscle on to burn fat. Cardio will burn muscle and fat at the same time which is not good because we also need muscle for posture as well.  

Its recommended that when losing fat it needs to be 250g to 1 kg a week , with intermittent fasting in my 18 years is quickest way. I do have clients where I have to increase their food intake but for most intermittent fasting is not only quick and effective but also  the best way to get you back through to good health.   

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Lose weight near me
Lose weight near me