Do you have Chronic Pain and living near Mona Vale

Do you have Sciatica?

Sciatica  Mona Vale - nerve pain can be extremely painful.

Sciatica pain usually means the nerve is coming from Lumbar 4 disk region to the inner part of the foot. 

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Do you Have Neck pain?

Because of my neck pain  in Mona Vale, My range of motion is difficult.

Many factors can cause neck pain.  Just because pain is coming from the neck does not mean that is cause. We need to get to the bottom of it. 

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Lower back pain?

Lower Back pain and living near Mona Vale

Don't live with lower back pain.  Having stiffness with no mobility and cause chronic pain in the long run which can affect work, sleep and lifestyle. Is it coming from the lower back, the pelvis or joint? Let's find out and take away the pain.

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Bad Posture?

Bad Posture and living near Mona vale or St ives?

We all know bad posture not only looks bad on us but it also gives us pain in areas when never expected. My pain relief method can change this to bring awesome results. 

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Is the Pain Chronic?

Chronic Pain and live near Mona Vale?

If you have been in pain for 3 months then your pain becomes chronic. Not many methods can help release chronic pain like the method I use.  Check out the Reviews of some of our happy clients

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Having Headaches or Migraines?

Having headaches or Migraines are annoying and you live in Mona vale

If you have stiffness in and around the neck and shoulders and its chronic and their is nothing helping you in relieving the pain then lets add structural balancing to the test.  Help many clients with this treatment. 

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Back too Stiff?

Do you live near Mona Vale and back pain is restricting daily?

When your back is stiff and restricted or painfull, it affects your posture during the day or when sleeping. Lets release the structural part of the back to increase mobility and movement no matter how chronic your feeling.

Dynamic Lifestyle has helped many clients within mona vale sydney at Plus Fitness. 

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Sitting too Much?

Sitting for 30 min a day has many benefits for the body. Reduce pain and strengthen Posture.


When sitting down, your glutes and hamstring become obsolete while quads and ITB become overactive. Not to mention the hip tightens over time. Also there is always a possible the quadratus lumborum and Erector spinae become tighten causing pain. Yes using a Swiss Ball is recommended as it forces you activated your core and take pressure of the lower back, hip and pelvis. Book in for more great ideas to help live pain free.  

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Shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be caused from the lower back or chest.

Shoulder Pain can be complicated and painfully sharp. By checking the structure around the shoulder can help us identify the cause. Sometimes the muscles surrounding the shoulders may be weak. Let's assess and find out.

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Squating issues?

Squatting is an important part of training and lifestyle.


We all know that squatting is so important in ways for our lifestyle. Pain could be coming from anywhere through the body. As a Personal trainer, it could take anywhere from 3 to 12 months of training or pain relief before a person can start squatting correctly. It’s important to assess, maybe treat then strengthen the correct muscle or structural muscles surrounding the joint which will help enhance the squat.  

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Hip Or Joint Pain?

Hip and joint pain can affect the way you walk or sit. If you live near Mona vale, Book in.


Does your Hip and joint pain have sufficient tightness and immobility within the region. We all know stretching is important but maybe the surrounding a weak. it’s important to check the hip flexors, psoas and lower back muscles for restriction. Again, we are moving the structure away from the body.   

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Other Problem Areas for Pain Relief!

Questions on how Dynamic Lifestyle hande pain relief?


Other symptoms of pain comes in different ways and then sometimes we are born into it like when you might Kyphosis/scoliosis. Reduced Movement can occur on the job, training or old age. Work injuries brings on immobility or frozen shoulders can hit us at between 48 to 60 years for no reason at all. For sports injuries, pain relief can do wonders after shifting the structural away from the body. Also great for arthritis. 

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How Does Dynamic Lifestyle Help You with Chronic Pain

Pain Relief DYNAMIC Lifestyle way is Different.


Why does Pain Relief work so effectively? (THE SCIENCE)

Kanetica™ Is A Proven System Of Mobilisation And Positioning Techniques That Are Specifically Designed To First Release Mechanically. Afterward, It Frees And Moves Joints,  To Help Awaken Lazy Muscle Tissue And Restoring Accessibility And Vitality To Your Body That Was Once Present Before, Specifically Targeting Parts Where The Root Cause Of The Issue May Originate.

It Then Helps Your Body To Regain More Movement And Function, Increase The Flow Of Vital Fluids And Blood Supply To Bones, Muscles, Nerves And Connective Tissue Such As, Ligaments, Tendons And Fascia, And Improve The Body's Hydration.  

At This Point, Your Body Becomes More Receptive And Responsive, Making It Safer And Easier For Realignment. The Eventual Outcome Is That Your Body Is Aligned Back To The Way It Should Be In Its Original Form, Replenished With Nourishment. Now Your Body Naturally Hydrates And Repairs Itself, Allowing The Rebalancing Process To Take Place. Your Body Is Once Again Physiologically Healthy - Enriching Your Wellbeing.

Patients And Experts Refer To Kanetica™ As "The Missing Link" - It Makes Perfect Sense!

The Kanetica Institute Case Studies Show That 90% Of People Who Used Kanetica™ Therapy Achieved Faster And Longer Lasting Results After Only 6 Sessions In Comparison With Other Therapies Relating To People With Chronic Back, Neck, Shoulder & Hip Pain And Problems.   

Want to know my Personal Experience with Kanetica from treating clients!

Over the last 6 years in treating clients, I have achieved amazing results that have completely floored me. Some of my clients have had pain for over 40 years - been to so many other health expects with no results until receiving a kanetica treatment. No other treatment does joint mobilization or soft Tissue manipulation like Kanetica and I love you to try kanetica. Yes sometimes I have failed but I will passionately do my very best in helping you in achieving the required result. What gives me the added advantage is my personal training background so I also give exercises that will enhance and strengthen the region once we have achieved mobility and flexibility. I am the only level kanetica Practitioner in NSW and 1 in 10 in the Country/World, so many health experts would not know how a Kanetica treatment feels but the results speak for themselves. 

If you have chronic pain and you have tried everything to be pain-free and nothing is working then give kanetica ago, call me or book in

How Does A Kanetica Operate?

1. The treatment must be completed on a specific Massage table so you will need to attend my clinic. 

2. You may leave your clothes on but no brassiere strap is needed. (Gym gear works best)

3. The first session is 45 min - continuing session is 30 min a treatment

4. Once a goal is achieved then kanetica maintenance is advised

Kanetica last words from!

Kanetica™ Therapyintegrated by masters around the world, repairs and corrects your body’s imbalances at the root cause of the problemfreeing you from pain and limitations, enhancing your performance and well-being.

ASSESSMENT &  TREATMENT at 45 min at $120


MAINTENANCE for 60 min at $110

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Pain Relief is applied to change the structure of  your posture and alignment.  Book a treatment!

Pain Relief is applied to change the structure of your posture and alignment. Book a treatment!