Remedial Massage Mona Vale by Dynamic Lifestyle

If you're into sports and you need to get back on your feet in Mona vale, then look no further.

Massaging In Mona Vale

Would you like to know why I chose remedial massage to help me with Personal Training?

I have been helping people with rehabilitation,  lose body fat and gain strength for about 18 years. It's so frustrating when I'm trying to help clients achieve goals but  stopped because of there pain or immobility.  Since learning the art of massage, clients have gain mobility and strength that helps them sleep better, train pain free and abundantly enjoy life daily.  Because of my diverse background in health, clients are stoked they can ask questions that can intertwine with each other. 

Pains that are treated!

  1. Neck pain
  2. Shoulder Pain
  3. Hip or Joint Pain
  4. Nerve pain - Sciatica
  5.  back pain massage near me 
  6. Low back pain
  7. Headaches or migraines

Do you have a sports event and your needing a pre or post massage?

Here at Dynamic Lifestyle we will get you ready for your event . It's very important that your able receive a massage within 48 hours pre event to make sure the body is all ready soften - ready to work. Once your event is finished, it's wise to receive a remedial massage within 48 hours to make sure no nots, stiffness or ropey tissue has occurred and it also helps with recovery. Rehabilitation with a workout plans is needed. Living in palm Beach, Mona vale,Bayview and Saint Ives makes easy. 

Dynamic Lifestyle in Mona vale accepts all health funds

Pain Relief

Methods used!

  • Trigger point 
  • Deep Tissue massage
  •  kanetica
  •  Sports Massage therapist

There is more than 1 method used at the one time as I mix and match to find the most suitable technique to help you reach the desired goal and be pain free. Like my personal training in the heart of Mona vale, I am gentle but I apply presuressure when needed. I know you love your training and lifestyle, so why stay in chronic pain - lets work together and get you pain free. Contact me!

 Dynamic Lifestyle accepts all health funds and I sometimes take in clients in living palm Beach or saint Ives. Remedial massage mona vale whitin plus fitness gym does have its perks.

  • BUPA
  • Medibank
  • HCF
  • HBF
  • GU Health
  • CBHS
  • Australian Unity
  • ARHG
  • AHM
  • Doctor's Fund

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